Saturday, June 25, 2011

i think i cant sleep because i enjoy being alone at night and its a waste to sleep through precious quality time like that, dont you think?
It only makes sense
to David Hockney
and every old man artist

Sunday, January 2, 2011

whats my high school reunion going to be like; i'm going to know exactly where everyone is in their lives when we get there.

writing in a diary sometimes feels stupid, its like going to confession. you talk to a priest to really confess it to god, but if praying is "talking to god" then cant you get the message over more directly? Same thing with diaries, you know what youre thinking so whats the point of writing it down?

so whats the difference between blogging and diarying

i want to be monochromatic, and black is too easy but im too scared of white because i cant handle putting color in my eyes

putting on makeup is like customizing avatars is like making a myspace is like making a blog
waking up in the morning is like an inner monologue is like a diary

i thought there could be a good pun about Post-modern girls saying the word "like" all the time.
Jean Baudrillard has a theory about the simulacra in post modernity. Its basically nothing is original any more everything is a copy of a copy, just like not being able to describe a thing, you can only use other things to describe it. I thought there could be a pun and I cant think of it so i dont know if anyone else can know what im saying

im starting to think not many people have big dreams

blogging is self projection its like conversation one way cause you think more about what youre saying than what you think think before you speak but theres nothing to do before you diary

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

talking about your hair
vacant inside of there

Monday, November 22, 2010

Violet's nickname was Violent because she tried to attack her husband's mistress', Dorcas, dead body (at Dorcas' wake). Violet and Dorcas' Aunt, Alice became unlikely friends. Alice said that women who were violent were just as bad as the weapons themselves that they became the weapon.